Public Procurement 2021


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The procurement landscape

Irish Government Procurement represents over €17 billion annually of public money with 94% of public spending remaining in Ireland and 54% being spent with SMEs.

The Programme for Government 2020 set out an ambitious agenda for public procurement. It commits to ensuring strong value-for-money for the taxpayer whilst seeking to minimise the environmental impact and optimise the community benefits. It commits to support innovation in supply markets and work in partnership with suppliers. The PfG has tasked the Office of Government Procurement to update all procurement frameworks, in line with green procurement practice over the next three years.

Covid-19 pandemic has presented challenges for public procurement to meet the needs of citizens at an unprecedented time globally. Essential goods and services, particularly medical equipment and supplies for the health sector, are required quickly using effective procurement.

The National Development Plan is set to roll out €116 billion in major infrastructure projects over the coming years. Brexit also presents a challenge to the procurement landscape with changing market dynamics between Ireland and the UK.

The Climate Action Plan 2019 requires every public body to have a climate mandate, a key element of that is using public procurement to deliver change. Ireland’s public sector is a in position of significant influence to stimulate the provision of more resource-efficient, less polluting goods, services and works within the marketplace. Social procurement also provides opportunities to create a benefit beyond the purchase of goods and services including supporting local economies and job creation.

Procurement practitioners need to keep up to date with these latest developments and their implications for procurement in your organisation.

Event Details

Event Details

Start date: 10 June, 2021

End date: 10 June, 2021

Start time: 09:00

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