Irish Climate Summit 2022


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Humanity’s influence on the climate change is indisputable. As part of its Sixth Assessment, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has determined that climate change is pervasive, rapid, and intensifying. Devastating ecosystems and biodiversity, some of these changes, including sea level rise, will require hundreds if not thousands of years to reverse.

The window of opportunity is narrow and without immediate, radical, and global reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, limiting global warming to 1.5°C or even 2.0°C above pre-industrial levels, will be impossible. The societal and economic costs of this would be immeasurable. Despite global agreement at COP26 to consolidate climate commitments, emissions are projected to continue to rise for several more years. Indeed, 2021 was one of Earth’s top seven warmest years on record – each of which have occurred since 2015.

In this context, the 2022 conference will examine the latest ambitions, challenges, and opportunities of Ireland’s response to the climate crisis.

Event Details

Event Details

Start date: 25 May, 2022

End date: 25 May, 2022

Start time: 09:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin