Infrastructure Ireland 2021


Infrastructure Ireland

eolas magazine is organising the 2021 Infrastructure Ireland® conference which will look at how we can deliver the next generation of infrastructure.

Infrastructure permeates all sectors from healthcare and housing to communications, transport and energy. The Covid-19 pandemic is having a similarly pervasive impact on these sectors, necessitating resilience and adaptation. Some of this will be irreversible. Inevitably, infrastructure is not unscathed.

Who should attend?

This conference will provide an excellent opportunity to bring together key stakeholders. The event is aimed at all those with an interest in the development of Ireland’s future infrastructure both in the public sector and those in the private sector working in advisory or service delivery roles.

Conference delegate fee
€175 + VAT @ 23% = €215.25

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Key issues examined include:

✔ Review to Renew: Ensuring the delivery of investment priorities in unprecedented times
✔ Funding and financing major infrastructure projects
✔ Innovative collaborations between the public and private sector
✔ Rebuilding health infrastructure for a post-Covid world
✔ Creating resilient infrastructure systems
✔ Ensuring long term value
✔ Crowdfunding as untapped potential for public sector financing
✔ Decarbonisation and the path towards Net Zero Infrastructure
✔ Creating Smart Infrastructure
✔ The impact of the pandemic on the construction sector
✔ Investing in education infrastructure for the future
✔ Regional infrastructure: Driving an economic and social renaissance
✔ Future outlook and delivering the next generation of infrastructure

Event Details

Event Details

Start date: 25 March, 2021

End date: 25 March, 2021

Start time: 09:00 a.m.

End time: 16:00 p.m.

Venue: Online Conference